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Bestbuy W Icon

Best Buy

A Which? Best Buy is a coveted accolade and widely recognised logo. It tells shoppers they can choose a product with confidence because it's earned our stamp of approval. If we rate your product highly enough in our tests to name it a Best Buy, you can purchase the logo and use it to promote your product in the market.

Selecting a product

Our researchers scour the market for the right products to test, based on the selection criteria we've set for the product category. To make sure we stay impartial, we buy products before we test them.

Testing a product

We lab test products using our own set of tests that focus on how people actually use a product. Sometimes we combine our lab tests with user trials, and sometimes we use surveys to ask people who own the product to tell us how reliable it's been for them over time.

Scoring a product

Once we've done all our tests, we take the data, crunch it and translate into test scores that range from five stars to one, with each score rating a specific aspect of how that product performs.

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Identifying a Best Buy

We combine all our test results for a product and calculate an overall test score, which we express as a percentage. Every product category has its own benchmark percentage, and product that meets or exceeds it gets our Best Buy recommendation.

Recprov W Icon

Recommended Provider

The Which? Recommended Provider logo shows consumers that a provider is one of the best at delivering what they need. When your service meets our endorsement criteria you can purchase a licence to use the logo and help more consumers to choose with confidence.

Selecting a provider

Providers can't self-nominate – we decide who we select for assessment after researching the market to ascertain the aspects of a service that matter most to customers, which vary from service sector to service sector.

Surveying a provider

We compile detailed surveys based on our research and share them with large groups of customers to get genuine feedback from the people who actually use the service.

Analysing a provider

We use robust methods to analyse key aspects of a provider's service – which could include its policies, prices and terms & conditions – to see how they uphold key consumers rights and how well they meet the needs of customers.

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Recommending a provider

We crunch the data from our surveys and analyses to get overall customer scores and star ratings for each aspect of a service. From these we calculate a provider's overall score and express it as a percentage. We only recommend providers who meet or exceed our percentage benchmark for their service sector.

BB Tastetest W Icon

Best Buy Taste Test

The Which? Best Buy Taste Test is our best buy rating for food and drink products. Top the taste tests we set for your food or drink category and you can purchase our logo to show everyone how good your product is.

Choosing what to test

We select from food and drink categories that are popular with mainstream shoppers and choose products that are easy to find in the big supermarkets, own-brand labels or otherwise.

Deciding how to test

We work with experts in their particular food or drink category to identify the key characteristics of what makes a good and affordable product in that category. Once these characteristics are agreed, we set up our taste tests.

Running our tests

Depending on the product we’re taste-testing, we invite a panel of shoppers or a panel of category experts to taste the products we've selected and score them against the key characteristics we've identified.

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Finding the tastiest

We crunch all the results from the taste test to give each product an overall test score expressed as a percentage. The product with the highest score gets our Best Buy Taste Test recommendation.

Ecobuy W Icon

Eco Buy

A Which? Eco Buy is a product that emerges from our lab tests, surveys and user trials with a proven lower impact on the environment than alternative models in its category. If we recommend your product as an Eco Buy, you can buy the logo to show shoppers that your product is better for the planet.

Deciding what to assess

We started with products that people use regularly, like washing machines, tumble dryers, kettles, dishwashers and fridges. Now our list includes laundry detergents, headphones, rechargeable batteries, built-in ovens, steam irons, steam cleaners and more – and it's growing.

Looking for 'eco-ness'

From being energy efficient and saving water and/or electricity with every usage, to being easily repairable to save on replacement costs and landfill, we also look at whether the product is from a brand with a proven reliability record, meaning it's more likely to last longer.

Making the test grade

A product must be do more than just 'eco' for us to rate it as an Eco Buy – it must perform well in our tests to show us that it does the basics well, and its various test scores must lead to an overall test score of at least 60% for it to be considered.

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Scoring and rating

We crunch our test data to get star-based ratings. We calculate the overall test score. As well as the overall score, we also look at the Eco Buy criteria for it's category. If a product meets them, we neame it an Eco Buy. A lot of Best Buys are also Eco Buys.

Ecoprovider W Icon

Eco Provider

A Which? Eco Provider is a service provider that performs well in our standard assessments for its service category, and that also delivers on the specific criteria that we've identified in that category as being environmentally important. If you earn earn our Eco Provider rating, you can buy the logo and use it to reassure shoppers that sustainability matters to your business.

Measuring eco credentials

The criteria we devise for each service category vary greatly depending on the nature of the category. But taking the energy sector as an example, we ask all the major domestic energy suppliers to give us comprehensive data about the electricity and gas they sell to homes, and we scour their websites to see how easy it is for shoppers to understand what they're buying and the environmental impact of their choices.

Scoring 'eco-ness'

We measure a service provider's performance against the environmental criteria we've specified, then crunch the data to rate each aspect of a potential Eco Provider's performance. From these we calculate an overall eco rating expressed as a percentage.

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Making the cut

If a provider's eco rating meets or betters the eco benchmark we've set for its category, we name it an Eco Provider. We only recommend providers who meet or exceed our eco percentage benchmark for their service sector.

Cheapest Smarket W Icon

Cheapest Supermarket

A Cheapest Supermarket (Month) logo can help struggling shoppers to make savvy choices. You can buy and display the logo when your supermarket's prices for everyday grocery items come in lower than the other big UK supermarkets in any given month.

Our Cheapest Supermarket (of the Year) logo is for the supermarket that's had more Cheapest Basket endorsements in a year than than the other big supermarkets. We announce the leading supermarket in January, and it can buy and display the logo for a year to attract and support cost-conscious shoppers.

Checking prices

We use a list of staple items, including own-label and branded items that are sold by the big supermarkets, to run monthly price checks. From these we work out which supermarket offers the overall cheapest shopping basket in any given month.

Helping shoppers

With millions of shoppers trying to navigate the cost of living crisis, you can give them confidence by using our Cheapest Supermarket logo to show them you're the UK's cheapest supermarket on staples for that month.

Supporting shoppers

With more and more shoppers struggling with rising prices, you can help them to manage their budgets by using our Cheapest Supermarket logo to show them you're the UK's cheapest supermarket of the year.

Great Value W Icon

Great Value

A Which? Great Value logo is for products that score well in our tests and are priced to offer outstanding value for money. If we rate your product highly enough to give it our Great Value recommendation, you can purchase the logo and use it to show shoppers that your product is more than worth the money.

Benchmarking value

A Which? Great Value product tends to be a product that's at least 20% cheaper than the average price in its category, and that scores at least 60% against our Best Buy benchmark or at least significantly better than average.

Reliable W Icon

Most Reliable

A Which? Most Reliable logo is for products that score highly in our surveys of customers who’ve owned them for long enough to know how reliable they are. If your product earns our Most Reliable recommendation you can purchase the logo and use it to show shoppers that your product stands the test of time. Most Reliable tends to be awarded to cars, tech items and domestic appliances.

Finding faults

Every year we survey thousands of consumers to ask them about the products they own. We use the information to determine which products are most likely to experience a fault, and how severe the fault is.

Measuring reliability

All our reliability data feeds into our performance scores which we update annually in line with our customer survey results to give a brand an overall reliability score.

Reveiwed By Which Category Name Here

Reviewed By Which?

This new endorsement logo can be only be used on seasonal reviews - such as suncreams. It gives our seal of approval that the suncream has met the safety requirements in our testing allowing consumers to shop with confidence. 

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